Lost Mine of Phendelver

Petros - Dungeon Delve Day 2

Peril in the Cave

After a fitful rest near the smoldering forest that had so nearly been our untimely grave we decided to interrogate our captive.

Fighting down the repulsion that inevitably arises from both the stench and sight of these types of lesser creatures, I began the interrogation. Thankfully the goblin’s constitution was weak, as is the common disposition of his race, and we gained the information we needed with minimal application of magic.

We discovered the progenitor of our quest had been taken captive and rushed off to a nearby den, apparently overflowing with the creature’s ilk. Resolving not to leave the dwarven merchant to a horrible fate and, admittedly, seeking treasures of the forgotten ages, we set out on our rescue.

We quickly came upon several goblins, who nearly felled our unshielded and only partially clothed mage. Our surprise attack cost us dearly in magic and time, but ultimately, thanks to the rage and battle-prowess of our group the goblins were killed.

Drawn by an indistinguishable noise we came upon a massive cave entrance, a stream flowing underfoot. While the majority of our party were equipped with the racially superior traits of Dark Vision I decided to bestow upon our wizard a spectral light.

Eventually we came upon several chained wolves, who resisted my attempts to charm them, suffering a serious wound to both body and pride.

We continued up the wet, stony ground until the rush of water filled our ears. A wall of water, an unstoppable natural force that Menthos wanted to combat, rushed down the pathway and sent our group scattering up earthly overhangs and back outside of the cave.

Once again I was injured, a pattern of carelessness arising from this log as I put pen to parchment. My allies, however, remained unscathed and successfully made their way up an earthly escarpment, beckoning for me to join them.

Before I could reach their final height I heard the sounds of battle and Menthos’ cry as lightning and thunder coursed through the air, shaking the foundation of the cave and filling it with the scent of burnt hair and skin. Thankfully I was able to avoid the near-apocalyptic magical onslaught, however I fear my allies were not so lucky.



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