Lost Mine of Phendelver

1st Dungeon Delve


Fullbright’s Log: Adventure Time

Our first quest came from an eager merchant who was interested in having some valuable cargo moved to a nearby settlement. Taking off with his own personal escort through the dangerous woods he entrusted our ragtag group with his possessions and promised us 10g each upon successful delivery of the wagon.

Nearly a day’s travel from the rendezvous we discovered our quest giver’s horse dead in the middle of the road, it’s satchels pilfered.

Fullbright, due to his militant familiarity with the creatures of the dark, was able to detect goblins lying in ambush around the dead horse.

Combat ensued, resulting in one of our members, a deranged wizard by the name of Menthos running around naked, covered in his own blood and setting the forest on fire. We were just barely able to move the cargo out of the burning forest in time and even managed to capture one of the horrid goblins.

Though smelly (in no doubt due to the wizard stripping him of his garments and dancing with him and covering him with his blood) the goblin may be able to reveal the whereabouts of our quest’s progenitor. We must rest for now, however, as the group’s wounds are severe and the skirmish harrowing.


"D"Jangus… I seem to have covered myself in paint. Would you be a doll and help me clean it off with these pinecones I found?

1st Dungeon Delve
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