Old Wizard suffering from dementia...


Wearing an old tattered brown robe and carrying a dilapidated quarter staff, Menthos is disheveled and battered. He has no sense of hygiene and can constantly be found frolicking naked in the woods…or town square… chasing whatever whimsical creature his mind is seeing.

He often is producing random objects, and critters for his long grayish beard, calling it his chin cabinet.


Once a powerful and well respected Sage of the Grand Tower of Braggen, Menthos now is an exiled “Descredited Academic” of the order. He suffered some sort of traumatic experience that broke his mind, leaving him feeble and eccentric. Not even Menthos knows what secrets or knowledge lie buried within his dementia.

While wandering aimlessly through a dangerous forest, Menthos came across a curious looking statue. It seemed to be an angry short bearded woman. After yelling at it and throwing rocks, Menthos accidentally sneezed, violently into the statues face… oddly freeing the dwarf from its curse.


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